Bobylev L.P., Kondratyev K.Ya., Johannessen O.M. (Eds.) Arctic Environment Variability in the Context of Global Change . Springer/PRAXIS, Chichester e.a., 2003.

The Arctic constitutes a unique environment with a major role in the dynamics and evolution of the Earth system. State-of-the-art coupled global climate models predict enhanced "greenhouse warming" in the Arctic, including a nearly ice-free Arctic Ocean during the summer, towards the end of this century. Potential impacts of the future Arctic warming and shrinking ice cover are:
• significant effects on the energy balances and atmospheric and oceanic circulation in the high latitudes;
• changes in the pathways and spreading of the melt water in the North Atlantic, thereby affecting the thermohaline circulation;
• broad changes in the marine ecosystem and increased uptake of CO2;
• increased trans-Arctic transportation, including the Northern Sea Route, and easier off-shore oil and gas production.

Arctic Environment Variability in the Context of Global Change is a study of environmental dynamics in the Arctic. The problems of Arctic climate change - the atmosphere composition and pollution, the atmosphere-ice-ocean interaction and circulation, the marine ecosystems and the land surface processes - are reviewed. The book contains:
• atmospheric sea surface temperature and ice cover variability studies for the last century and predictions for this century, using new Russian data sets and climate models;
• a study of the Arctic atmosphere and its gaseous components, cloudiness dynamics, atmospheric circulation and Arctic pollution;
• a study of the circulation of the sea ice and ocean from 1930 through to today's modern observational data and numerical modeling;
• a study of Arctic marine ecosystems, including the pelagic sea ice ecosystem, upper ocean ecosystem and coastal sea ice ecosystem;
• studies of land surface processes, snow, glaciers, Greenland ice sheet and forest-tundra dynamics;
• regional climate changes in North Western Russia.




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